Tax Resigns from Water Vikings // Apollo Spikey and Tax Appointed New IW Leaders

Husky, Ice Warriors Capital – After the NDA vs WV War Conclusion, IW was left with no leaders. Until today, September 7th, Tax has resigned from the Water Vikings and has taken a role in IW as leader.

There has been no official post on either WV or IW’s site about Tax’s arrival to IW and leave of WV. But, it is expected soon. The Ice Warriors Army last week dealt with their new leader, Cargo, suddenly retiring for reasons such as school and a argument with Ice Warriors Creator, Iceyfeet1234. The army was left leaderless and the 6 2ics of the army were put in charge to make the decisions. Here is a quote from Iceyfeet1234’s post about putting the 2ic’s in charge:

Until a new leader is selected, the 2ic’s will be in charge of the army. In situations regarding a declaration of war, four of the six 2ic’s must agree on a declaration. If a war is declared on the Ice Warriors, only two of the six 2ic’s are needed to plan invasions.

In conclusion, only 2 days after that was posted IW has already made 3 new leaders; two of which were already 2ic’s of the army and one of them, Tax1, was introduced fresh to the army. As I stated above there is no official post on either WV or IW site about Tax1’s sudden leave from WV, but we expect it later today. I now bring you an interview with Kingfunks4, WV Leader

Interview with Kingfunks4, (WV Leader)

May I interview you for my ameture Club Penguin Site?


What was your initial reaction of Tax1’s leave?

I am disappointed we are losing him, but I am not surprised of the situation that occurred.

What may have caused his sudden leave from the Water Vikings?

Tax has a great opportunity in his leadership of the Ice Warriors.

Will Tax1’s departure affect the Water Vikings in any way?

It should not impact us.

Final comments?


Now let’s take a short look at Water Vikings and Ice Warriors latest events.

Ice Warriors Latest Event (Invasion of Caribou):


Water Vikings Latest Event (Training Session):


In conclusion, we see a controversial figure of CP Armies take a jump from one boat to another. Will the Water Vikings fall because of Tax’s leave or rise even higher? How will the Ice Warriors fair with their new leadership of Spikey, Tax, and Apollo? Will this leadership dynamic last to test time or fall and make Ice Warriors Legends swoop in and save the army? Comment below and tell us what you are thinking about this new leadership in IW?

~Mr. Burns


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