Fashion Festival Ends – Top Outfits Revealed

Breeze, Nhojaxon CP Headquarters – The Fashion Festival Party on Club Penguin has ended and we await the upcoming party. The party rooms are still intact but the voting has ended and the top outfits were revealed. Read more.

For each of the 3 Fashion Festival rooms there are two penguin winners for each contest. So for example, Hollywood High School category has two winners and after ten or so seconds it rotates to the second slide then it just keeps rotating back and forth. I took one picture of each room to give you an idea of the Fashion Festival Results in each room.




Deliberation: Well that concludes Club Penguin’s Fashion Festival 2015. I personally disliked the party and thought there wasn’t much to do during the party. I do like the aspect of creating Fashion Outfits and showing off your clothes and voting for others though. But still, the party overall lacked things to do and was boring atleast to me. The party rooms were ok though. I really liked the Forest and how they at least decorated half the island this party.

Party Rating: 5/10

With the eventful end of Club Penguin and interactive online worlds, we can only expect the content of the game to go under. These are some bad words to go off as, sorry! 🙂



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