Club Penguin Descendants Party 2015 Overview


Talk Like a Pirate Celebration!

>>>New Pin Hidden – September 17<<< Click here

>Club Penguin Update List – September 17< Click here

Breeze, Nhojaxon CP Headquarters – Hello, Club Penguin Viewers!! The Descendants Party 2015 has came out and we have the complete overview here at Nhojaxon CP Cheats. Please read on for the whole post!

I will be going over the Welcome Screen, the Party Rooms, and the Party Catalog.

Welcome Screen:


Hey, I’m Mal. The Descendants are taking over CP University! Time to be bad-in a good way.

Party Rooms:




Party Catalog:

First click this icon is the upper-right corner of the screen.


Then here is the catalog, (Page 1 then page 2.)



That concludes the rooms and the catalog which is the whole party. This party is generally small and there are barley any features besides collecting the free items. Many say that Club Penguin was planning a small party in September as they are putting their focus on October’s Halloween and Anniversary Party. I can’t wait for the Halloween party. Well that’s all I have today, be sure to check the Update List and the Pin Location!

Party Rating = 3/10 (Deliberation coming soon!)



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