Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Click here for Rockhopper Meet-up Times!!

UPDATE: I have decided that the ‘read more’ tag is pointless on most posts and most posts will be extended down. Thank you for your support. ~Nhojaxon7

Club Penguin has added a mini addition to the Descendants Party by having a fun “Talk Like a Pirate Day” Event. You can collect the exclusively rare red bandana and just have a fun little pirate celebration! Also Rockhopper will be making his way along the island and meetup times will be posted shortly.

The whole festival is located at the Beach! You can login any Club Penguin Server until Sept. __ and collect the item,(the party lasts 1 week.) Here is a picture of the room:


The Red Bandana is located in the lower right corner!

Here is a picture of me collecting the Red Bandana:


Yes, please!

Well that is an overview of the Talk Like A Pirate Event! Hope we can see other fun mini events like this one.



3 Responses

  1. YAY!

  2. I already had the item and now have two of the item, not sure if it a glitch or what! 🙂

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