Club Penguin’s Tenth Anniversary Celebration Complete Overview

Hello there!

Club Penguin’s Epic Tenth Anniversary Party has come out and I am offering a Complete Overview of the party here at Nhojaxon CP!

This will be divided into four different sections. The following are the sections;

  • Welcome Screens
  • Collecting The 10 Year Party Hat
  • Daily Item Collector
  • Opinion/thought, more

Welcome Screens –

Main Welcome Screen

Main Welcome Screen


Happy Ten Year Anniversary!


Visit the Coffee Shop at the heart of the party and explore out history in vintage decorated rooms. Take a look at the calendar-everyone gets a prize each day at the party!

Collecting the 10 Year Party Hat

First go to the Coffee Shop, then you will be welcomed.


I’m so pleased you made it to the celebration! This is party central for the anniversary. Go take a party hat so you can always remember this moment.

Then go over and by the table and click the party hat at the center.


You have found a 10th Anniversary Hat. Would you like to pick it up? Yes

You then can click the book on the table and it goes over year by year of CP’s history.

Daily Item Collector


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