Long Time No See – Memoris of Fallen Soldier, Burns

Hello Fallen Troops,

If you are not aware I am one of Chaos’ First Leaders and Legend. Chaos was my first and home army and I have always looked out for this army more than any other S/M army or even armies itself. I led Chaos for more than six months in my time and was part of the first CPAC Leadership; MOBS.

MOBS if you are not aware stands for Master, Orange, Sapper, and Burns; combining all of their leadership capabilities into one great leadership.

I have never posted on this site but I posted a lot on the old Chaos Site which sadly got defaced and deleted. Sadly after spending a whole year in Chaos I retired and I am not even aware where my retirement post lays.


I am finally back on the Chaos Site courtesy of Orange.

>> Sapper please do not remove me. I will not cause any harm to this site LOL <<

Well, if you see me around Chaos Chat or around the Army Community in general just say hi, I guess. I am currently in ACP, as we are trying to rebuild the army and I believe Orange rejoined ACP as well.

WELL THAT’S ALL I HAVE TO SAY FOR NOW! (This post is mainly just to get out a post from me, created in like 15 mins)





32op – You recruited me into armies so thanks, that’s also why you’re first. You were a good friend and you gave me owner in Chaos with trust. I still see you in Doritos and UCCP, so thanks buddy.

Unknown – to be created

Sir Lord –

Sapper –

The Boy –

Master –

Orange –

Dom –

Owl –

123go –


~Mr. Burns

Former Chaos Leader and Legend


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