About Nhojaxon7

Hello there!

I’m Nhojaxon7, (CP Name) or Mr. Burns, (CPA.) I joined Club Penguin in ’08 after finding out about it through a cousin. I played for about 6 months to a year on a different account with my brother, but like most siblings; we couldn’t share. So I created Nhojaxon7 and have been playing ever since. I have took many breaks in my Club Penguin life but I’ve also played at some times for 2 years straight. I joined CPA mid 2012 after being recruited from Riffy888. [I was another one of those noobs trying to find mascots on chat sites.] To be honest with you Chaos wasn’t exactly my first army but my first real army. I joined some army Fire Ninjas but then got stolen off their chat my 32op and joined Chaos. I played CPA for about a year and learned a lot. Enough with CPA, if you want to learn my experience in CPA you can check the other pages. To be honest with you viewers Club Penguin has struggled since 2012 and just isn’t that good anymore.

Well welcome to my Cheats Website, I hope I can provide you with some information!

CP Name: Nhojaxon7

Club Penguin Armies Name: Mr. Burns  MrBurnsForever (433107451) on xat

Days Old: 2210

Favorite Servers: Zipline, Breeze,


Hope to see you around!

~Nhojaxon7/Mr. Burns


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