Updates Coming to Club Penguin Soon

Hello everyone! Its me Mr. Burns here updating you on future Club Penguin Updates as my first post after the reopening.

The Inside Out Party has just finished and there are so upcoming updates:

August 13, 2015

-Club Penguin Times Issue 512 Released

August 20, 2015

-Club Penguin Times Issue 513 Released

-New Pin

August 27, 2015

-Club Penguin Times Issue 514 Released

-Dot Visits

-Fashion Festival 2015

September 3, 2015

-New Pin

-September Penguin Style Released

-September Igloo & Furniture Catalog Released

-Club Penguin Times Issue 515 Released

Well that’s it for now. We don’t have much to look forward to besides Dot visiting the Island for the first time.

~Nhojaxon7 / Mr. Burns



Current Happenings

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We’re following the April 3, 2014 Club Penguin Update!

Newspaper #441:


New Pin:


New Stage:


New Website Updates:


New Penguin Style:


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Upcoming Events in Club Penguin

Right now from March 28 to March 31 you can visit the Muppets party finale. READ ON

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