Club Penguin’s Tenth Anniversary Celebration Complete Overview

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Club Penguin’s Epic Tenth Anniversary Party has come out and I am offering a Complete Overview of the party here at Nhojaxon CP!

This will be divided into four different sections. The following are the sections;

  • Welcome Screens
  • Collecting The 10 Year Party Hat
  • Daily Item Collector
  • Opinion/thought, more

Welcome Screens –

Main Welcome Screen

Main Welcome Screen


Happy Ten Year Anniversary!


Visit the Coffee Shop at the heart of the party and explore out history in vintage decorated rooms. Take a look at the calendar-everyone gets a prize each day at the party!

Collecting the 10 Year Party Hat

First go to the Coffee Shop, then you will be welcomed.


I’m so pleased you made it to the celebration! This is party central for the anniversary. Go take a party hat so you can always remember this moment.

Then go over and by the table and click the party hat at the center.


You have found a 10th Anniversary Hat. Would you like to pick it up? Yes

You then can click the book on the table and it goes over year by year of CP’s history.

Daily Item Collector


Anniversary Party Begins This Week! – Club Penguin Team Message

The 10th Anniversary of Club Penguin Party starts this week!! It is going to be one of the best parties, if not the best of 2015! 🙂 The Club Penguin Team posted a message today regarding the Anniversary Party and here is the message from the Club Penguin Team:

Hi Penguins!
It’s almost time to celebrate our 10th Anniversary, and I am SO excited. I had the team create MEGGBOT for me to use on the blog 😀
During the party, Meggbot will be posting all my posts for me so I can have more time to celebrate — great right?! Here she is:


Also, watch for an exclusive 10 year Anniversary blog series we’re calling CP Time Warp. We’ve been digging through some of our paper and digital archives to bring you some cool, never before seen about info from the past. We’re super excited to share things we’ve never shared before!
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team
P.S. Featured Fashions will be postponed until next Monday — so stay tuned!

Well that was the message from the Club Penguin Team. Are you excited for the 10th Anniversary Party?? I know I am!! Well that is all for now!


Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Click here for Rockhopper Meet-up Times!!

UPDATE: I have decided that the ‘read more’ tag is pointless on most posts and most posts will be extended down. Thank you for your support. ~Nhojaxon7

Club Penguin has added a mini addition to the Descendants Party by having a fun “Talk Like a Pirate Day” Event. You can collect the exclusively rare red bandana and just have a fun little pirate celebration! Also Rockhopper will be making his way along the island and meetup times will be posted shortly.

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Club Penguin Descendants Party 2015 Overview


Talk Like a Pirate Celebration!

>>>New Pin Hidden – September 17<<< Click here

>Club Penguin Update List – September 17< Click here

Breeze, Nhojaxon CP Headquarters – Hello, Club Penguin Viewers!! The Descendants Party 2015 has came out and we have the complete overview here at Nhojaxon CP Cheats. Please read on for the whole post!

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Fashion Festival Ends – Top Outfits Revealed

Breeze, Nhojaxon CP Headquarters – The Fashion Festival Party on Club Penguin has ended and we await the upcoming party. The party rooms are still intact but the voting has ended and the top outfits were revealed. Read more.

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Fashion Festival 2015

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Puffle Party Walkthrough

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