Club Penguin Updates Tonight – September 24, 2015

Club Penguin will be updating tonight and this will be a minor change after the significant change we had last week. Here are the updates that will be occurring:

  • Club Penguin Times Issue 518
  • Club Penguin Pirate Day Event Ends

Reminder: Get the Red Bandana from the Beach today because this is a rare item and you will want to pick it up while you can!

Well that’s all for now! What do you think about these updates? I don’t think there is much to think about it!!



Club Penguin Updates Tonight

Tonight Club Penguin is updating for the new Fashion Festival party.

Updates that will occur:

  • Dot Visits
  • Fashion Festival 2015 Begins
  • Club Penguin Times Issue 514
  • Probably a new EPF message

Dot will be visiting the island for the first time ever tomorrow. Meet-up times will be posted tomorrow. I wonder if this “Fashion Festival” will be half decent.