Burns Army Story

Joined Xat around May-June 2012. Started out as a CP noob trying to find some mascot on Riffy888 chat when I got pc’ed by people asking if I want to join their armies. I got DCP, SWAT, and IW people trying to recruit me but none of them stood out to me. Then one time a guy, 320p, pc’ed me asking me to join Chaos Army of CP. I willing clicked the chat and joined and was auto given mod. Chaos was dead around this time and 32 was about the only one active with Sapper and Unknown inactive. Well, me and my brother begged 32 for owner because we were power hungry and he gave it to us. For about a week I was on Chaos with seeing about 32 and Sir Lord only until one day Unknown came on chat. He asked why the hell I was owner and I told him and he said he was thinking of closing down the army. I pleaded for him not to close down the army and he said he would give it a chance. Around that time Chaos was starting to look up. I met Sapper for the first time and the army went smooth from there. In around October 2012 I was asked to be leader to lead with Sapper and Unknown and I immediately accepted. We had a great month in October, getting 10-12 on CP, which was great for us at the time having big hopes for the future of Chaos. November was a slow month for Chaos, then we had an amazing December. I remember getting 20-23 on CP the night of New Years Eve and just feeling great. At this time many of our new leaders still hadn’t joined Xat; Master, Orange, and Owl. It was about February I remember when Master joined. He was a great leader for Chaos. Around the Superbowl Owl, and Orange joined. I do not remember January-July 2013 that well I just remember having good times in Chaos and other armies. Joined SWAT and reached 3ic position. I don’t remember when GT was remade but I believe around May and got 4ic. But it was around July 2013 I retired having a whole year of no-lifing. I did have some other runs later in early 2014 for a month or so but I’ve lived my prime.

Won’t ever get that year back but I still had some memorable experiences. That’s what it’s all about, right?

~Mr. Burns, Some CP Army Player


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