Chaos Legends

This page lies all the Legends of the Chaos Army, ranging from the beginning of this empire to present day Chaos. If you happen to see these Legends, please give them a simple thank you for their actions which made Chaos what it is today.

SapperCowboy is the praise creator of the Chaos Army. He made Chaos and stuck to it with his dignity and has been with our army for throughout the ages. He has saved Chaos from the darkest hours and we thank SapperCowboy for that.

Mr Burns is another one of the greatest leader and troops of the Chaos Empire. He has lead with Dae Mastier, Orange, and Sapper to unbelievable battles and has never backed down during battles. He is loyal and friendly, as we thank him for that.

Orange has been another great and inspiring leader to the Chaos Empire. He lead Chaos along with Master, Sapper, and Burns. He stuck with Chaos through one of our darkest times and has stayed on chat, encouraging our troops to do the best they can, as we thank him for that.

The best leadership Chaos has ever seen. MOBS is an acronym that stands for Master(Dae) Orange (Epic) Burns (Mr) and Sapper(Cowboy). Belal was suppose to be part of us but sadly left the army before this leadership was created. They lead Chaos to unbelievable sizes. Without them Chaos would probably be dead by now. They lead Chaos to first on SMAC multiple times and 10th on CPAC. We thank them for this.

Unk is one of the smartest leaders we ever had. His great ideas and his sense of humor made him an army favorite troop/leader. People would always look up for him when they need a laugh. We thank him for all of his hard work and loyalty in Chaos.


Dae is known for being the M in mobs. He helped lead Chaos into CPAC top ten. He also recruited for Chaos. He stayed with Chaos when we were at our low. We thank him for his loyalty.


Micro was an amazing leader. He helped Chaos get to 7th on CPAC on his work week. Without him we wouldn’t have achieved such high sizes.


Dedicated Troops


Glitch (Pewdie) has been a great, loyal troop to Chaos. He is a funny and hard-working person who is always active on chat and events.


Orreanna went by the name of Oreo.  She was in Chaos for a really really long time. She is the best troop that never got leader. We thank her for her hard work and loyalty.


Gator is just about the most loyal troop Chaos has ever had never became a traitor and always respected people. He was also the 10th best leader in Chaos. We like to thank him for being in Chaos for as long as he has been. Thank you Gator.


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