Ten Year Anniversary Party Rooms

This post includes the Ten Year Anniversary Party Rooms Archived. Here are the rooms!

Town – Prehistoric Party January 2014 –

Coffee Shop – Main Celebration Headquarters 10th Anniversary October 2015 –

Bookroom – Halloween Party October 2008 –

Monster Maker 3000 – Halloween Party October 2008 –

Dance (night?) Club – Summer Party June 2006 –

Game Room? – Holiday Party December 2011 –

Santa’s Sleigh – Holiday Party December 2009 –

Clothes Shop – Prehistoric Party January 2014 –

Snow Forts – Puffle Party February 2009 –

Ice Rink – Holiday Party December 2005 –

Plaza – Summer Jam August 2013 –

Puffle Berry Mall – Merry Warlus Party December 2014 –

Pizza Parlor – Card-Jitsu Party May 2013 –

Forest – Island Adventure Party June 2010 – 

Cove – Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit August 2012 –

Mine – Pi Day March 2015 – 

School – Medieval Party September 2013 – 

Ice Berg – April Fools Party April 2008 –

The Whole Dojo – NOT DECORATED —– Makes me mad!!

Dock – Camp Penguin August 2007 – 

Beach – Adventure Party June 2009 – 

Lighthouse – Puffle Party April 2014 – 

Beacon – Summer Kickoff Party June 2007 – 

Ski Village – Music Jam June 2011 – 

Ski Hill – Sports Party August 2006 –



Club Penguin’s Tenth Anniversary Celebration Complete Overview

Hello there!

Club Penguin’s Epic Tenth Anniversary Party has come out and I am offering a Complete Overview of the party here at Nhojaxon CP!

This will be divided into four different sections. The following are the sections;

  • Welcome Screens
  • Collecting The 10 Year Party Hat
  • Daily Item Collector
  • Opinion/thought, more

Welcome Screens –

Main Welcome Screen

Main Welcome Screen


Happy Ten Year Anniversary!


Visit the Coffee Shop at the heart of the party and explore out history in vintage decorated rooms. Take a look at the calendar-everyone gets a prize each day at the party!

Collecting the 10 Year Party Hat

First go to the Coffee Shop, then you will be welcomed.


I’m so pleased you made it to the celebration! This is party central for the anniversary. Go take a party hat so you can always remember this moment.

Then go over and by the table and click the party hat at the center.


You have found a 10th Anniversary Hat. Would you like to pick it up? Yes

You then can click the book on the table and it goes over year by year of CP’s history.

Daily Item Collector

Regarding Club Penguin’s EPIC 10TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY!!



Check out http://www.clubpenguin.com In the meantime and check the party out!


Head of Site

Anniversary Party Begins This Week! – Club Penguin Team Message

The 10th Anniversary of Club Penguin Party starts this week!! It is going to be one of the best parties, if not the best of 2015! 🙂 The Club Penguin Team posted a message today regarding the Anniversary Party and here is the message from the Club Penguin Team:

Hi Penguins!
It’s almost time to celebrate our 10th Anniversary, and I am SO excited. I had the team create MEGGBOT for me to use on the blog 😀
During the party, Meggbot will be posting all my posts for me so I can have more time to celebrate — great right?! Here she is:


Also, watch for an exclusive 10 year Anniversary blog series we’re calling CP Time Warp. We’ve been digging through some of our paper and digital archives to bring you some cool, never before seen about info from the past. We’re super excited to share things we’ve never shared before!
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team
P.S. Featured Fashions will be postponed until next Monday — so stay tuned!

Well that was the message from the Club Penguin Team. Are you excited for the 10th Anniversary Party?? I know I am!! Well that is all for now!


Club Penguin Armies – Champions Cup IV

Disclaimer: This is a Club Penguin Army related post. If you do not care about Club Penguin Armies or want to keep yourself distant from them, do not read this post!

Continue reading

Welcome to Nhojaxon’s CP Cheats!!

Also if you have not noticed there has been a slight redesign of the site to make this site more friendly! 🙂

Hey there, Club Penguin visitor!

We are happy to have you here at Nhojaxon CP Cheats where the most updated Club Penguin Cheats are posted!


We have pin locations, party cheats, Club Penguin Blog updates, and more! Come here for the most updated cheats and of course, enjoy your stay!



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Penguin of the Week: Fluffy32212 – Club Penguin Blog

Club Penguin made a new post on their blog today declaring a new Penguin of The Week! Here is the message from the Club Penguin Team:

Hi Penguins,

Fluffy32212 was nominated to be Penguin of the Week by Jia752!

Here is their nomination:

“Hi Megg ! I Want to Nominate Fluffy32212 Because He is Always Helping Others and He Has a Unique and Great Style. Please Nominate Him. He Has a Talk Like a Pirate Day Themed Iggy. Please Nominate Him. He Has Been Helpful To Everyone On The Island. Thanks.”

Congrats Fluffy32212! That is an amazing pirate themed igloo 😀

Want to nominate a friend for Penguin of the Week? Leave a comment telling us why! Winners receive 10,000 coins and the POTW Background.

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Well that was the message from the Team. Congratulations Fluffy32212 on POTW! Remember, POTW winner’s get 10,000 coins and a POTW background. That is all for now.